Boxing is a workout that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Since workout classes have taken over the fitness world, boxing studios have joined in and have become a fan favorite for people around the globe. But what exactly does boxing do for you? We know it’s an intense workout- but how does boxing make you fit?

Although it might not look like it, boxing is an intense cardio workout. If you’ve ever tried boxing, you know it’s impossible to leave a class not dripping in sweat. If running isn’t your thing, boxing might be an excellent alternative for cardio. Boxing is a cardio workout that engages your upper and lower body. You move quickly and rigorously, and boxing is intense.

Boxing is also a fantastic full-body workout. In addition to cardio, boxing engages the entire body. It involves more than just your arms. Boxing involves head movement and footwork as well. You’re hitting a bag that ways up to 100 pounds- that in itself is going to engage your entire body. Also, most boxing studios work in other exercises to the workout, including a warm-up of squats, push-ups, and jumping jacks, and finishing with a series of ab exercises.

Regularly boxing also improves your hand-eye coordination. Boxing involves a lot of concentration, as you have to pay attention to precisely what movements you’re doing as you’re hitting the bag. Hand-eye coordination plays a significant role in gross and fine motor skills and can even improve your reflexes and reaction times.

Boxing also seriously helps your heart health. Having a healthy heart is so essential to living a full and healthy life. Once you start regularly exercising, your heart health will improve. Your body will regulate oxygen much more efficiently, which can help you better manage your energy.

So, if you’re looking for a sign to give that boxing studio you always pass a try- this is it!!!! What do you have to lose?