Avocado toast has been and will keep being, the best breakfast out there. It’s filling, healthy, and delicious. You can find avocado toast on just about every restaurant menu as its popularity has not stopped rising.

It’s also the easiest breakfast you could make, as it requires about two ingredients: toast and avocados. You can then add salt and pepper and any other toppings of your choosing.

If you’re on the avocado bandwagon and are looking for a few ways you can spice up your toast, here are some of our favorite toppings:

Not only does this add protein to your breakfast, but it brings the flavor to a whole new level. Just slather some hummus on your toast, and top with a few avocado slices and you’ve got a delicious meal.

Smoked Salmon
Adding smoked salmon to avocado toast is seriously amazing. It’s restaurant-level worthy and will add tons of protein to an already nutritious meal.

Cucumber and tomatoes
If you still want to keep your breakfast light but add in the health benefit of a few veggies, cucumber and tomatoes make the perfect topping to avocado toast.

Adding eggs to your avocado toast is probably the most common, but one of the most delicious routes you can take. Poached, scrambled, fried- they all taste amazing.

Strawberries and balsamic vinegar
Probably never thought of adding strawberries to your avocado toast! It adds the perfect amount of sweetness. Topping it off with a drizzle of balsamic brings the flavor profile up a notch with a touch of acidity.

Feta cheese
Feta cheese is creamy and delicious, and pairs perfectly with the buttery smooth taste of avocados. Since feta can have a strong flavor, it goes great with the creaminess of avocados.

Bacon, lettuce, tomatoes
Talk about a new and improved BLT! Adding bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes to your avocado toast is like a throwback to your favorite childhood meal and absolutely rocks.