Exercising is fantastic for the body for keeping you fit and promoting all-around goodness that benefits every organ in the body. Exercises can range from light activity to medium and vigorous effort. All three ranges can contribute immensely to your overall good health, but knowing which range you operate in can help you determine when you need to do more for your body. So, here are tested tips to help you determine when you’ve done enough.

General fatigue
When you start to feel a little weary from all the lifting and jogging, this may be a sign that you had enough to last you from that workout session. To be a tad more direct, when you experience muscle fatigue, which often happens after you lift heavy weights and make you feel as if you cannot raise a pen successfully, you will need to get off the bench to get some rest.

When you sleep better
Great exercise often helps you sleep better, and there are different studies to show it. When you sleep like a baby after a session, then you may have done an excellent job of exercising.

Your body is sore
When you exercise vigorously, it may lead to soreness of the body or muscles. Working out hard helps the body build lean muscle and causes an increase in metabolism, all of which helps your body burn off the unnecessary. So, yes, muscle soreness could be a sign that you are working out just right.

Intensified Hunger
Hunger is often associated with the aftereffects of a vigorous workout routine. It is, however, essential that there is moderation when you want to refuel your body after an exercise. Your body will naturally request carbs, but it is advised that you try not to eat till at least 30 minutes after your workout to allow your body cash in on existing fat (which means your body expends stored energy, which is awesome!)

Always remember the quality of your work out is very crucial to achieve whatever fitness goals you have set for yourself. It sometimes really isn’t how far but how well.