The new year is well on its way, and that means a lot of us are still trying to shed the pounds, detox our lives and start fresh! But many of us have difficulty staying on the right track! So what are my tips on how to stay focused on all the good and avoid going down the wrong path?1. Make your goals very clear. What do you want to achieve? And by when? Also, make sure these targets are possible to reach. Impossible targets make it difficult for you to get to where you want.COLUMN: Make Beautiful Habits2. Don’t do too many things at once. You see people suddenly eating perfectly and hitting the gym, and detoxing from something like alcohol all at the same time. Imagine what kind of shock this is for your body. So my advice is to take it easy on your body. Do it step by step. Here is an example: First focus on skipping the alcohol, then start eating better and then begin to work out. This way you will have a better chance of being able to keep going. Anything you do intensely and suddenly will have little chance of succeeding. So avoid that and do the right thing for yourself and your body and take it easy!Sometimes I like to take a few days and do a detox, like with a juice cleanse. I look for the best companies that offer cleanses, or make the juices myself. But I never do this for too long. I don’t want to strain my body too much. Go with the flow and relax are the words to follow!3. Expect realistic results. When you then achieve those results you will feel happy, and can adjust the goal from there on. If you seem to not be able to reach your goal, because it is set too high, you are setting yourself up for frustration. So be real and enjoy it when you get to your destination and then move on to the next!QUIZ: Are You Too Hard on Yourself?The beginning of the year is also a time when people start evaluating their lives, and make resolutions accordingly. This can be organizing your finances, finding a better job, spending more time with friends or doing more things you love to do. Whatever it is, again, set tangible goals that are easy to achieve!4. Put it to paper. Sometimes writing down what you want can help you realize what you should do to get it. I know I always make lists and write down my thoughts. It helps me clear my head!If you want tips to stay on track, follow my website where you can find daily healthy recipes by top models and celebrities!Good Luck!Love,Lonneke@LonnekeEngel