Air travel is not what anyone would call a relaxing activity. Now Mashable reports that British Airways is focusing on health and wellness as it launches a new long-distance route between San Francisco and London. The airline’s new calming in-flight entertainment and health-conscious food options are part of what they’re calling a “mindfulness program.” Here is some middle-aged white dude here to tell you about it:



Are you relaxed yet? At least he’s British.

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British Airways has further recommendations for “health and wellbeing” on their flights, such as eat light meals, check in early to enjoy the airport more, and “gently exercise” in the air. Right on. There’s nothing more relaxing than your seatmate doing gentle yoga moves when you’re trying to watch an episode of “Cougartown” from Season 2. Halfway through British Airway’s vid, this man seems to switch from Coach to First Class. If only we should all be so lucky, perhaps we wouldn’t need to practice deep breathing during flight.

Here’s the YouBeauty guide to mindfulness on a plane:

  • Rent a movie on your own computer/iPad before the flight.

That’s all you need, namaste. [Editor’s Note: Also, Xanax!]

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