I think the most important thing in life is to dream.I dream a lot. I think it is the essence of life. Believe that anything is possible. I think it should be totally illegal for someone to say, “You are not going to make it,” or “you shouldn’t dream,” or “It’s not possible.” Or this one: “Just be realistic!” I hate that one the most!The fact is, we simply cannot see into the future, and we don’t know for sure if something is going to work or not. But if you don’t dream and believe, and try, it is for sure not going to happen at all.QUIZ: Do You Believe In Yourself?Starting in childhood, a lot of people tell us to be realistic. But what is realistic? Who decides what is realistic? The answer is: Nobody. It is whatever you tell yourself. Because what is real and possible depends on how much you believe in it to happen.When I was young I could never imagine I would live the life I am living today. But I did dream about traveling the world and being independent. I believed, and I worked hard to make it come true. I had a lot of struggles in my life (which made me form the Circle of 5 to Organice Your Life® because I simply had to get organized to survive), but I remained positive during the saddest and lowest times in my life, such as when my father passed away or when I had tax troubles because of bad advisors (yes, that happened!).I always knew it would get better if I trusted my own powers and focused on my goals. And here I am, doing pretty well I must say, and writing yet another article for YouBeauty to share my experiences!Every person you will ever meet has had issues in life he or she had to deal with. The people who become super successful or famous were the ones who dealt with those issues in the best way, and most of all, they kept dreaming. And so can you!You are the only one who can help yourself achieve your best you. Whatever your goal is deep in your heart, nobody else can get there besides the person whose soul is in that body: YOU. If you want to work out more, or eat healthier, every day is a perfect day to start the rest of your life!

Who Says You Can't Follow Your Dreams?

If your finances are not in order, or you hate your job, don’t pity yourself. That is not pretty! Just go through it, work it out, and the end result will make you feel over the moon. Also, if you dream of a new career, don’t let anybody tell you you can’t. If you don’t try, you simply will never make it. A bit of chance is always better than a 100 percent chance of never achieving that goal at all.MORE: How to Love…Yourself!I think that for everything in life, there are two possible outcomes: a Yes and No, a Possible or Impossible, a Go or Stop, a Win or Lose. When you believe the outcome will be positive, your chances to succeed increase tremendously. What I am trying to say is, that if you believe in yourself, that is the biggest thing you can do for yourself to achieve your dreams. Nothing beats good vibes. It makes everything possible, and it attracts the right people into your life.And if it still doesn’t work, at least you tried. You can be proud of that! If you don’t try, you won’t ever win. So keep on dreaming, and go for it. Don’t let anybody stop you from going for your positive goals in life!Love,Lonneke@LonnekeEngel