How we sit, stand and move affects how we feel on a day-to-day basis, according to Yoav Suprun, a physical therapist at Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach, Florida. And in our technology-obsessed world, it’s no secret that we spend a lot of time in less than ideal positions, bent over said computer screen or smart phone.If you’re frustrated because your daily stretching isn’t helping the pain, it might be time to look for a new solution.

“Stretching makes us feel better, but it rarely makes us better,” says Suprun. In other words, it’s often a temporary fix. A new option to consider: the McKenzie Method, a type of physical therapy that starts with an assessment to locate the source of pain and then involves patient education and body adjustment techniques to relieve pain.Suprun recommends five key moves that you can use to help combat your aches and counteract the harmful toll everyday life takes on your body, particularly your spine. (For a full assessment and consultation, find a McKenzie-trained therapist in your area.)

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One thing to keep in mind before you begin: If your pain worsens or starts to radiate from your back or neck down your arm or leg, see a doctor or a physical therapist. This could indicate your problem is more serious than poor posture and requires additional screenings or tests.