We pile it on top of our sushi, splash it in our cocktails and add it our baked goods—all for a spicy kick of flavor. But did you know that ginger appeases a lot more than just your taste buds? It also offers many health and beauty benefits. “The root tackles a diverse array of ailments both efficiently and, most important, naturally,” says David Gilmour, founder of Wakaya Perfection—the wellness company responsible for bringing the world’s most powerful form of ginger to the market. Here are four of our favorites.It eases queasiness.From motion sickness to morning sickness to just plain old flu sickness, ginger has been long used to settle upset stomachs. (That’s why mom always gave you ginger ale.) In fact, back in the day, fishermen would chew on raw ginger root to alleviate nausea from seasickness.It keeps things moving.Ginger is an antispasmodic, meaning it helps reduce cramping—even the ones associated with being (ahem!) gassy. Its warming properties also increase blood flow within your gastrointestinal system to help stimulate digestion. Bonus: While doing this, ginger can also enhance your metabolism!It’s oh-so soothing.Ginger is known to increase circulation, which is why it’s been used in eastern massage practices for centuries. Its essential oil has also been shown to help reduce anxiety and fatigue by lessening the body’s negative reactions to stress.It’s a natural pain reliever.Got an ache? Ginger can help. Its anti-inflammatory properties help make sore muscles, creaky joints and even arthritis feel better, naturally. “I am an avid golfer, so whenever I have a shoulder ache after a great game, I soak a washcloth in a bowl of warm water with 1 teaspoon of Wakaya Perfection Organic Ginger,” says Gilmour. “I leave the washcloth on my shoulder for 10 minutes, and it eliminates my pain.” An ancient Ayurvedic remedy calls for something similar: applying crushed ginger on the forehead to soothe a headache.Intrigued? Try these proven products, and you’ll be root-ing for ginger, too.Marvis Ginger Mint Toothpaste, $11A rich, creamy toothpaste infused with a delicious mix of ginger and mint.21 Drops 08 Pain Relief, $29A 100% natural oil that helps to relieve pain and soreness.21 Drops 17 Digest, $29A 100% natural essential oil blend that aids the digestive process and comes to the system’s rescue from gastrointestinal distress.Kneipp Arnica Warming Massage Oil, $22A nurturing, warming and relaxing massage oil for the whole body.