Ever clean your kitchen and want to plug your nose because the cleaning products themselves smell worse than a dirty sink?MORE: How to Have a Healthy HomeThose noxious smells are often signs of toxins—chemicals in your cleaning products that are terrible for your health.Today, there are far more chemicals than there were 50 years ago, so cleaning products may be more toxic now than ever before. “In the United States, you can put a product on the market and include chemicals with little to no testing about their effect on health,” explains Tracey Woodruff, Ph.D., director of the University of California at San Francisco’s program on Reproductive Health and the Environment. Toxins in cleaning products can lead to respiratory problems, reproductive problems and potentially even obesity—and that’s just what we know so far. “There are no requirements for full disclosure [of ingredients],” she says, “so we’re operating in the dark.”COLUMN: Organize Your Home, and Life!Sites like GoodGuide and EcoLogo can help you sort through the mess and find products to help you clean your home without inhaling noxious chemicals. We especially love GoodGuide because it rates tons of products and highlights any harmful ingredients. In general, when you’re looking at an ingredient list, “less is often better,” says Woodruff. “Look for fewer chemicals listed on the label.”To clean her own home, Woodruff uses a spray bottle with a half-and-half mixture of water and vinegar. “Your house smells like a salad after you’re done, but it works,” she jokes. “Vinegar and baking soda work very well for cleaning most of the things in your house. Plus, they’re cheaper.” (Instead of baking soda, she opts for Bon Ami’s Powder Cleanser.)MORE: How to Clean Fruits and VegetablesBut if the thought of a house smelling like vinegar makes you cringe, it’s easier than ever to find natural cleaning solutions that leave your home smelling as good as it looks. Check out our favorite non-toxic cleaning products below: