1. Adults who eat a little chocolate five times a week are thinner than those who eat it less frequently.

2. Drinking green tea improves your working memory, which allows your brain to process multiple pieces of information at once. 

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3. Sitting 11 hours or more each day leads to an earlier death.

4. Taking an antihistamine before bed can prevent dark under-eye circles in the morning (but think of it as an emergency beauty treatment, not a nightly routine).

5. The smell of sage can reduce sadness and anxiety.

6. Expressing gratitude boosts happiness and decreases depression (thank you for reading this!). 

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7. Mothers who remain active during pregnancy beget babies with more advanced cerebral activity.

8. Ginger is a natural antispasmotic compound, which means it helps reduce cramping, in addition to alleviating nausea and promote digestion.

9. Your vagina can expand by 200 percent when you’re aroused. 

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10. Exercising when you’re young will improve your brain function when you’re older.

11. When we read on a screen, we remember less than when we read things in print. 

12. Eating foods high in lycopene—including tomatoes and tomato paste—can make you less susceptible to sunburn.

13. When you pee in the pool, chlorine mixes with the uric acid in your urine to form dangerous compounds that can adversly affect the lung and heart. 

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14. Procrastination and impulsivity are controlled by the same genes—so you can thank your parents for both.

15. On any given day, your weight will fluctuate by 2 to 5 pounds—of water.

16. Eating chocolate makes your skin glow—its antioxidants improve blood and can help protect your skin against dullness-causing UV damage. 

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17. Getting sunlight exposure in the morning will help you weigh less.

18. Eating eggs can improve your reflexes; they contain an amino acid that helps us make quick, knee-jerk reactions.

19. Massaging your scars will help them fade more so than any oil or lotion. 

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20. People take longer to repond to texts when they’re lying.

21. Men are more forgetful than women.

22. Taking photos interferes with your memory of an event

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23. Bananas relieve belly bloating.

24. Spending time outdoors in nature increases happiness.

25. Eating too much sugar can make PMS more severe.

26. The stuff inside a blackhead isn’t dirt—it’s air oxidizing the melanin in dead skin cells.

27. Anxiety makes things smell worse.

28. Shopping in heels can make you spend less.

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29. Stress can make allergy symptoms worse.

30. Caffeine fights headaches by constricting the dialated blood vessels responsible for pain and throbbing.

31. Eating oatmeal boosts seratonin, which calms your brain and improves your mood.