Kale is great and all, but what if someone told you there was an even healthier green around the bend, and that it tastes like — gasp — bacon?! Time reports that researchers at Oregon State University have created a new variety of seaweed that’s on track to be the latest and greatest superfood.

The seaweed is a new strain of red marine algae called dulse that grows along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. OSU researchers initially began growing it as food for abalone snails, but soon saw its potential as people food (it has twice the nutritional benefits of kale!) and developed a farmable variety.

Dulse looks a lot like red lettuce, and according to the researchers, tastes delightfully bacon-like when it’s fried. The Oregon Department of Agriculture provided OSU with a grant to further explore its uses, and the research team is working with chefs to find ways to make dulse a star of your dinner plate. Nothing sounds dreamier than a superfood with the joys of kale, bacon and seaweed all in one, so fingers crossed!

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