If you’re totally over kale, prepare yourselves: the next superfood may be just around the corner. According to Byrdie, the latest health craze could be something you’ve already seen (and probably tossed out) a thousand times: broccoli leaves.

Adorably nicknamed “broccoleaf,” those leaves on your broccoli stalks contain a host of nutrients. From the sound of it, they can be prepared a lot like kale and can make their way into a salad or juice. Broccoleaf tastes like a not-so-bitter version of kale, and is less likely than kale to clog up your blender when juicing.

While few people are falling all over themselves to get their hands on it just yet, the same could have been said for kale a few years ago before food corporations made it the Next Big Thing. As you’ve probably guessed, these leaves are regularly found on broccoli stalks you already buy from the grocery store. Now that veggie sellers are trying to make broccoleaf happen (new name and all), we can expect to find it sold in separate packaging, probably at a higher price.

Broccoleaf even has its own kitschy website courtesy of Foxy Produce, the company that’s trying really hard to make this a thing. It features some yummy-sounding recipes and a video explaining what its calling a “new vegetable discovery.”

Are you sold on this stuff?

Plenty of other predictions have tried to nail down Kale 2.0, so while this latest buzz may be nothing more than hype, it just might become your favorite farmers market steal in the very near future. Get ready!

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