Had anyone noticed that the Coca-Cola empire expanded to include “premium milk”? It’s a lactose-free product called Fairlife that contains 50% more protein, 30% more calcium, and half the sugar of regular milk that hasn’t been “ultra-filtered.” It’s been testing in Denver and Minneapolis and will be distributed by Coca-Cola nationwide in 2015. According to Forbes, it will cost “twice the price of regular milk.”

Disturbingly, however, Coca-Cola announced its partnership with Fairlife with a series of ads featuring otherwise naked women wearing dresses made of milk (This is The Coca-Cola Company, physics be damed!). There’s also the slogans: “Milk looks good on you” and “Drink what she’s wearing.” This makes perfect sense, because women love edible fashion. The candy necklace has been a staple of a well-balanced breakfast for many years.Not surprisingly, the ads are not being received well by some:

The ads have been pulled after what the company referred to as “exciting stuff” on their web site, writing “The ‘pin-ups’ advertising may have been eye-catching, but we’re taking a totally new approach… that campaign was retired in June and we’re super excited about what’s to come…” In other words, they are glad to have gotten the attention from advertisements that some are calling sexist. Fairlife doesn’t even come close to an apology, just saying they “need to improve” for the next campaign. Can’t wait.

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