Who doesn’t need a little motivational nudge now and then, whether it’s to run farther, make healthier food choices, or even just to get your butt off of your cozy couch? With the help of some handy technology, you can do just that. Check out these top fitness and healthy eating apps that trainers and nutritionists not only recommend, but also use themselves.

1Meal Logger

With just a click of your smartphone’s camera, MealLogger easily allows you to keep a photo food and exercise journal, noted Kelvin Gary, personal trainer and owner of Body Space Fitness in New York City. You can privately share your visual journal with your trainer or open it up to the community to keep you accountable.


The app helps you record your daily movements and awards points for each workout based on its potential effect on your long-term health. The points can then be applied towards discounts and special offers from health-conscious brands. “EveryMove encourages people to work out and reach fitness goals in a unique way by rewarding them with cool offers,” said Heather Bauer, nutritionist and founder of Bestowed, a monthly healthy food delivery service.

3Up by Jawbone

Paired with Jawbone’s Up activity tracker, the Up app track your workouts and how much sleep you’re getting to encourage you to make healthy changes. “I find it especially useful during cold weather when all I want to do it sit on my butt,” said Elisa Zied, registered dietitian and author of Younger Next Week, who has used the app since April 2013 and has logged six million steps. “I find that wearing the bracelet actually makes me want to move more, especially when running errands in New York City or when traveling so that I get more credit in terms of steps/miles.” Zied also likes the dietary and lifestyle reminders the app provides and the fact that you can learn how many minutes you’re active and idle—that’s important because sitting for too long is really bad for you. “It’s a great motivating and accountability tool,” she added.

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4 Lose It!

The app lets you set your weight loss goal and based on that, gives you a daily caloric budget to help you meet that goal. You then log the calories of everything you eat and drink and see how it all adds up. “I like all of the different foods they have in the system—it makes it really easy to track your food and portion sizes,” said Liz Glorioso, personal trainer at Equinox in Palo Alto, CA.


Want to find and book a spinning, boxing or yoga class near you at the last minute? This app helps you get off the couch and do just that. GoRecess is national so even if you’re on vacation, you can find a local class to join (so no more excuses!). “I love GoRecess because it allows you to find and book workout classes where every you may be,” said Bauer.


MapMyRun uses GPS tracking to show your route, as well as log mileage and calories burned. “You can also send your run to other people so it’s a good way for me to make sure my clients are getting their cardio in,” said celebrity trainer Mary Ann Browning, founder and president of Brownings Fitness in New York City. “They can’t exaggerate with it because it shows the exact details of the run including distance, pace and map.”

7Polar Beat

Paired with Polar H6 or H7 heart rate sensor, the Polar Beat app lets you choose a training target, such as burning calories or beating a time or distance record, and then you pick your exercise. “By using a Polar Bluetooth heart rate monitor, you can track all of your workouts in real time,” said Gary. Very cool.READ MORE: 4 Tips if Your Resolution is to Cook More in 2014Need a little help eating cleaner? As a YouBeauty reader, get 10% off on healthy snacks delivered to your door monthly with the code YB1015 at Bestowed.com!