Technique of the Week: An Easier Way to Clean Greens

Early CSA season in our neck of the woods means lots and lots of greens. All those great colorful vegetables — the carrots, the tomatoes, the purple kohlrabi — won’t turn up until a bit later in the summer.

The greens are fantastic, and so good for you, but they do require some time-consuming preparation in the form of washing and de-stemming. In order to streamline the process, I’ve developed a technique that makes things a little easier.

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Starting with a clean sink, plug the drain and throw all your greens in. Begin filling with cold water, until the greens are fully submerged. Then, press down gently to agitate the greens in the water, which will start to loosen any dirt. Give each leaf a quick look to make sure no soil or critters are hanging on for dear life, and either dry and store or de-stem and chop as needed. It will make the dirty work of cleaning your greens much faster!