This recipe is so easy to make I feel almost guilty serving it to guests, but everyone absolutely loves it and can’t get enough. All I have to do is grill some chicken and add some herbs and salt and voilà. But there are a few “behind the scenes” tricks to making this chicken so delicious.First, use chicken thighs. Yes, thighs. Not breasts. White meat chicken has a tendency to be dry and bland. Chicken thighs are foolproof because they stay juicy. If you eat breasts because you think they’re healthier, just consider that nowhere outside of the United States where people eat really good food on a regular daily basis—think Europe—do they serve or embrace white meat chicken. And do you hear about an obesity epidemic in Italy, France or Spain? No. Cooking and eating chicken thighs is your gateway into a more Euro-sophisticate lifestyle, not to mention better chicken.Besides thighs, the other tricks that make this chicken so amazing is the sprinkled salt on each piece. (The secret to Italian cooking is olive oil and salt.) Also, we are giving our herbs de Provence an extra kick of fennel. It’s a perfect combination.Grilled Chicken With Herbs de Provence RecipeIngredients:Chicken thighs, boneless, skinless, antibiotic- and hormone-free, about two per person, at room temperatureKosher saltHerbs de Provence, about ½ teaspoon per piece of chickenFennel seeds, about ½ teaspoon per piece of chickenFresh rosemary sprigs, cut into 1- or 2-inch pieces that can fit on top of each piece of chicken (optional)Directions:Light a grill pan on medium high and let it get very hot for about 10 minutes. In a little bowl, mix the herbs de Provence and fennel seed in a 1:1 ratio. Don’t worry about measuring. Just eyeball it. If you need more as you go along, you’ll make it. Place chicken thighs on grill and then with your fingers carefully sprinkle a good dose of herbs de Provence to mostly cover the side facing up. Then with your fingers sprinkle some salt on each piece and place a piece of the rosemary branch to rest on top of each chicken piece. After 6-8 minutes, remove rosemary and set aside, flip chicken, sprinkle herbs and salt on the other side and replace rosemary. Cook for another 6-8 minutes until done. The thighs will take about 6-8 minutes per side if they start at room temperature. I strongly recommend throwing an extra piece on there to use as your guinea pig so you can cut it open and check for done-ness. Chicken thighs don’t dry out easily so it’s OK to leave them on for a few extra minutes to be sure. Serve hot or at room temperature.