BBQ season is still going strong. Unfortunately, many of the items that you’re likely to find laid out aren’t usually the ones that contribute to our inner or outer beauty! Hopefully there will be enough options at your next outdoor shin dig though that allow you to make small improvements in your meal. Remember, little benefits in nutrition can go a long way. Here’s my guide to the best BBQ swaps.MORE: Healthy Versions of Your Favorite Summer Foods

Pick this… Instead of this! Why?
Turkey, veggie or even a slider burger Cheeseburger 1. Reduction in fat.2. One slice of American cheese can add an extra 100 calories.3. Choosing smaller portions (slider compared to a regular hamburger) can also cut 80—100 calories.
Grilled, skinless chicken breast Hot dog 1. Less processed food equals less sodium.2. Consuming a 3-ounce chicken breast instead of a hot dog cuts out around 500 mg of sodium.
Coleslaw Potato salad 1. Starchy potatoes impact blood sugar levels2. Knocks out at least 50 calories, plus we tend to take smaller portions of coleslaw compared to potato salad.
Green salad Pasta salad 1. Green salad is lower in calories and fat.2. Food poisoning avoided. After two hours at room temperature, pasta salad, like many other foods on this list, his the danger zone for foodborne illness.
Corn on the cob French fries 1. Reduction of calories (200 less), less fat (14 g) and less sodium (165 mg).
Vegetables and hummus Chips and dip 1. Obvious reduction of calories and sodium.2. Increase in protein and fiber.3. Serves up vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.
Fruit salad Strawberry shortcake 1. Reduction in calories (150 calories).2. Many fruits are chock full of beauty vitamins.
Fat-free Greek yogurt Whipped cream or sour cream 1. It’s unprocessed, has more protein, and less fat per 1 ounce serving:    Greek yogurt: 20 cals, 0 fat, 3g of protein.Whipped cream:100 cals, 10.5 g of fat, >1 g of protein.Sour cream: 60 cals, 6 g of fat, 1 g of protein.
Wine Full calorie beer 1. 4 oz. wine versus 12 oz. beer can be a 20-100 calorie difference.2. Wine contains flavanoids which help heart health.
Mustard Ketchup 1. Less sugar (7 grams of sugar or more in a ketchup serving).

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