Coconut oil is one of those things that people swear you can use for anything. Need a natural makeup remover that won’t break you out? Coconut oil. Want to cook your eggs in something other than olive oil? Try out coconut oil. Need an excellent moisturizer when your skin is feeling dry? Give coconut oil a try. Coconut oil serves many purposes, and tons of people swear by it. But at the same time, some people claim that coconut oil isn’t all that good for you.

There are two sides to it. Some people say that coconut oil is a superfood. It contains fatty acids with potent medicinal properties, which can provide your body and brain with energy. It can increase fat burning and kill harmful microorganisms. Coconut oil has also been found to improve skin, hair, and dental health. These are just a few of the magical properties that people have claimed coconut oil has, but then why do some people claim it’s so bad for you?

While coconut oil has been all the hype the past few years, being used for moisturizers and beauty tricks, others have been using it just for cooking. While coconut oil can withstand high temperatures, making it great for frying, studies have found that coconut oil isn’t any better for you than your regular cooking oil.

Coconut oil is made up of 82% saturated fat, which is significantly higher than most other oils. A study done by the American Heart Association in 2017 reported that coconut oil increased the bad cholesterol in 7 out of 7 trials. And although we’ve been taught to think that saturated fats should be avoided at all cost, that really isn’t always the case. You shouldn’t cut them out completely, but rather be cautious of how much you are consuming. So basically, don’t just strictly use coconut oil when cooking. Switch it up with other oils, so you’re not only consuming oil with a high percentage of saturated fat.

So, is coconut oil actually bad for you? That answer is unclear (as with most things when it comes to nutrition). There will always be people who tell you to avoid it and some who say you it’s the best thing for you out there. But bottom line, avoid using coconut oil strictly when cooking just because of it’s high saturated fat content. But when it comes to using coconut oil for other things, like removing makeup and moisturizer your skin, knock yourself out. Just always make sure you’re careful when trying out new products on your skin.