It’s hard to beat the convenience of cold cereal on a busy morning, but it can be hard to know if what you’re pouring into your bowl is a healthy choice or not. Even the least health-conscious amongst us know that cereals can be packed to the gills with sugar. You probably know that marshmallows are not meant to be a breakfast food, but what you should more specifically look for can be confusing. Here are a few tips on how to shop for healthy cereal without compromising taste:

1. Fill up on fiber. 

Look for a cereal with at least 4 grams of fiber per serving. Preferably this would be naturally occurring fiber (think shredded wheat or bran flakes) as opposed to cereals with added fiber. Another thing to consider is that you can always add some fiber to a simple bowl by topping it with chia seeds (6 grams per tablespoon) or berries (4 grams per cup of blueberries).