Make this summer sweeter than ever with this homemade sorbet, full of natural ingredients and powerful antioxidants for some top-notch beauty benefits.MORE: Skin-Boosting Antioxidant SaladSummer is the perfect time to take advantage of the bountiful supply of fresh, local produce, while also exposing your taste buds to a few unfamiliar fruits and vegetables. This recipe is stacked with a number of quality ingredients, including sweet strawberries, tangy rhubarb and soothing ginger, which will keep your skin glowing all summer long.Whiter and Brighter TeethStrawberries are more than just a sweet summer staple—they are also effective teeth whiteners. They contain an enzyme called malic acid that helps remove stains and whiten teeth. This summer strawberry sorbet is the answer for a refreshing treat and pearly whites that sparkle in the sunshine.Flawless SkinThere is nothing more mesmerizing than a flawless complexion and skin that radiates. Thanks to the extremely high vitamin C content in strawberries and rhubarb, you can get your shine on this summer and eat your way to a clearer complexion. Vitamin C promotes the formation of collagen—a protein that enhances elasticity and firmness of the skin.MORE: Skincare Habits for Dewy, Luminous SkinThe best part about this sorbet is that you can satisfy your sweet tooth without any added sugar. We are talking about nothing but high-quality, natural ingredients that will help crowd-out less desirable sugar-laden desserts that cloud a clear complexion and sabotage a healthy lifestyle.A Slim Waist for Swimsuit SeasonIn the world of desserts, added sugar usually takes center stage and pushes fiber aside. Rarely will you find a dessert that has more fiber than added sugar. This recipe is one of those rare finds that contains 2 grams of fiber with zero added sugar. This is great news to anyone watching their figures, because fiber helps increase feelings of fullness and helps you stay slim for swimsuit season.Crank up your blender and enjoy this deliciously refreshing 100-calorie summer sorbet and all of the wonderful beauty benefits that come along with it!COLUMN: The Less Sugar, Younger Skin DietStrawberry Banana Rhubarb Ginger Sorbet RecipeMakes 5 servings—Serving Size: ½ cupIngredients:½ cup rhubarb, diced1 cup orange juice1 cup frozen banana slices, firm packed, about 2 bananas, peeled and sliced2 cups (10 ounces) frozen strawberries, cut in half1 teaspoon ginger, mincedProcedure:In small pot, simmer rhubarb in orange juice for 15 minutes until tender. Strain and reserve both the cooked rhubarb and juice. In blender, combine frozen strawberries, banana, ginger, rhubarb and ¼ cup of reserved juice. Blend until smooth and serve or freeze for a harder consistency.Cool off this summer with this refreshing treat, and as an added bonus, enjoy these three amazing beauty benefits: whiter and brighter teeth, skin that shines, and a slimmer waist for swimsuit season.QUIZ: How Does Your Daily Diet Affect Your Hair and Skin? Brigid Titgemeier, nutrition assistant at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, contributed to this article.