The war on guac has begun, and it turns out to be a much bigger issue than we all had predicted. The New York Times recently posted a tweet that suggested adding peas to your favorite guacamole recipe, and people are not happy about it:

The suggestion seemed innocent enough, stating that peas added sweetness and a chunkier texture to the mix, but the idea turned out to be way more radical to the masses than they had predicted. People immediately started lashing out in defense of their classic guac, even President Obama and Jeb Bush threw in a punch:


Then, the Republican Party of Texas decided that this was a personal attack and a declaration of war on their beloved state:

BuzzFeed felt pretty matter-of-factly about the subject as well:


And of course, Americans stood together to shut down this mighty guac offense:


As CNN so expertly pointed out, “isn’t a bowl of mashed peas just a more exciting version of mushy peas?” We couldn’t agree more.  Here at YouBeauty, we’ll be sticking to our classic guac recipes. Sorry, NYT!