Sunglasses for Long Face Shapes

Here’s how to find the most flattering frames for your face.

With high cheekbones, a strong jaw line and raised forehead, a long face shape has been desirable throughout history thanks to a regal and statuesque aura.

Sarah Jessica Parker is a classic example of a long face: Narrow from the top of forehead to the chin, with rounded edges. If your face is longer than it is wide, you’re in good company with SJP.

“The right frames will visually shorten and soften the face to balance the length,” says Sam Saboura, celebrity stylist and YouBeauty Style Expert. 

Courtesy of the Vision CouncilRounded sunglasses by Chloe.
chloe sunglasses

Other options are frames with contrasting colors or embellishment at the temples, as well as wrap-around frames, which add width to a long face.Wide frames, such as oversized round sunglasses, create the illusion of having a shorter and wider face, according to Kristie Whitford, spokesperson for the Vision Council, an organization that represents manufacturers and suppliers in the optical industry.

Avoid narrow or small frames—they only emphasize length.

Here are the best frames for long-shaped faces:
* Sunglasses with embellishment, such as Chloe's round frame sunglasses (pictured above), available at L'Amy America.
* Oversized frames, such as Lucky Brand Indigo sunglasses.
* Frames with contrasting coloring and embellishment, such as the SW oversized style #1917 with some bling on the arms.

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Sam Saboura, celebrity stylist and YouBeauty Style Expert Kristie Whitford, spokesperson for The Vision Council

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