New workouts pop up every day, and wouldn’t it be nice to try before you buy? In our Last Night’s Workout series we sweat, stretch and shimmy our way through the latest exercise crazes and report back to you so you can find the best one for your skill level and fitness goals.

If you’re already channeling Pink when you break a sweat, we’ve found your new favorite workout! In Chris Harrison’s AntiGravity Fitness Lab, you’ll get to fly around in the air in a hammock while getting an amazing core workout. Get ready for your feelings on hammocks to be changed forever – less napping on the beach, more buying a new bikini to show off your upcoming six-pack.

The Goal: You’ll lift your own body weight using your hammock – easier than it sounds, I promise, and way more fun than strength training with weights. Your flowing, hanging hammock will help you rise into headstands, flips and yoga stretches. After the hour-long class, my abs were sore for days – jackpot!

The Workout: Afraid of heights? Not totally confident in your ability to flip upside down on command? No worries: Harrison and his team demonstrate and explain each move step by step. I took a Suspension Fitness class that taught fundamentals and got us used to being in the hammock, but we did stretching and pulsing moves that I recognized from yoga and barre. (Just, you know, with one leg reaching into a hammock instead of into a barre.) If you’re a fanatic about either of those workouts, AntiGravity also offers Aerial Yoga and AIRbarre classes. I’m not the most flexible gal in the world and I could keep up, which means you ca,n too.

You start off with simple stretches and work your way into more complicated gymnastic feats of the kind that would make Pink proud. By the end of class, you’ll have broken a sweat with the satisfying feeling of strength training using your own body as weights. The class moves at a comfortable pace for beginners, so don’t be afraid if you’re new to flying!

The Location: Studios are located all around the world, but I attended the AntiGravity Lab in New York City. Find the studio closest to you here.

The Price: Your first class only costs $10 and all classes after are $22. You can also purchase an unlimited package for $150/month.

You can check out more of the AntiGravity workout below:

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