Yoga practice takes time, dedication and stamina. Some of us don’t have insane Yoga Girl flexibility or a spare hour to spend at a class — but that doesn’t mean we still can’t practice.

A quick and effective yoga practice is Kundalini Yoga Kriya, a series of movements meaning “to change.” In 10 minutes — or even half the time, if you only have five — you can get a major dose of energy, clarity, and metabolic boost from practicing Kundalini.

“It acts like a natural stimulant in your system without the caffeine adrenal backlash,” explained Guru Jagat, founder of Ra Ma Institute for Applied Yoga Science and Technology, and yoga teacher for over a decade. “Be on the lookout for side effects including a surprisingly quick flattening and toning of stomach muscles, increased digestive system function, and calm effective energy that lasts all day,” she added.

Interested? We thought so. Click through to see Guru Jagat demo a basic Kundalini sequence that you can try at home.

1Stretch Pose

Lie flat on your back, keeping your arms and legs straight as you raise them six inches off the ground. Raise your head, and focus your eyes on the tips of your toes. Begin “Breath of Fire.”

“Breath of Fire” is an equal inhale and exhale through the nose, focusing on the equal rhythm at the nostrils. Hold the position for three minutes.

“This posture is sure to change your mood and give you a massive dose of energy through out your whole system,” Gugu Jagat said.

2Nose to Knees

Bend your knees into the chest and wrap your arms around them. Raise your head so that the nose meets the knees. Begin “Breath of Fire” and hold the position for three minutes.

Fire up those digestive organs while strengthening your core!

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3Nose to Knees Cont’d

Continue to clasp the knees into the chest, and rock back and forth all the way up the spine for one minute.

Roll out all the aches and pains in your spine and back.

4Ego Eradicator

Sitting in easy pose, roll the finger tips into the pads of the palms with the thumbs sticking out. Extend you arms out to 60 degrees and begin “Breath of Fire.” The eyes are rolled up and in, focused on the brow point. Continue for three minutes. Inhale deeply and slowly draw the thumb tips together above the head and stretch the fingers, pulling the pelvic floor up and navel to spine. Exhale and slowly sweep your hands down your sides.

Press your hands into the earth and breathe long and deep. Meditate.

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