New workouts pop up every day, and wouldn’t it be nice to try before you buy? In our Last Night’s Workout series we sweat, stretch and shimmy our way through the latest exercise crazes and report back to you so you can find the best one for your skill level and fitness goals.

Yogis listen up: There’s a new studio in town, offering yoga that’s set to our favorite hip hop artists. Hip hop Wednesdays at Y7 Studio in New York City are the perfect mix of body-stretching Vinayasa yoga and popular beats. 

The Goal:  Y7 Studio claims to keep yoga fun and exciting without sacrificing the peacefulness of yoga. Heat, music, and darkness give you the right environment to find your own balance, and flow at your own speed. It’s a place to clear your mind while having fun and getting a full body workout that strengthens your core, arms and lower body.

The Workout: Similar to traditional yoga, this hip hop Vinyasa class is led through a series of yoga poses that open and stretch your entire body. Breath is linked to each movement to deepen the connection of body and mind.

The 60-minute class takes place in a large, dark studio. It begins working through a simple sequence to warm up and reintroduce your body to the movements. Once you’re warmed up, the teacher brings you through a specific routine twice, but then gives you the freedom to flow through the sequence on your own a few times before introducing another set of moves.

By allowing you to continue your practice on your own, you can set your own pace, focus on your breath, and deepen any stretch as needed without having to move according to the teacher’s directions. I felt I got a better stretch from this method, simply because I could put an emphasis on my needs, and which movements I’d benefit the most from.

Ultimately, the best part of this workout was the music. A lot of people complain that yoga can be boring or tedious — but if you’re a hip hop fan, the loud background beats will keep your attention on the class. It’s fun, challenging, and perfect if you want to switch up your yoga routine for something more unique.

The Location: Y7 currently has two studios, one located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and another in Soho, Manhattan. But if you live outside of NYC, don’t be surprised if hip hop yoga classes begin popping up near you. Setting yoga to a hip-hop playlist was surprisingly invigorating and added an unparalleled energy to the class. 

The Price:  A single class is offered for $22, but each studio offers, 5, 10, or a 15-class package, and yoga mats and towels are available to rent for $2 each. Private lessons are offered as well. 



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