When you think of a beautiful man, what comes to mind? Big muscles? Tall? Dark? A keen ability to make you laugh?Have you ever thought about his DNA? And, more specifically, his sperm quality as an attribute of overall gorgeousness? Probably not I’m assuming. But perhaps you should? A new study published in the Journal Fertility and Sterility found that micronutrient consumption had a positive effect on the DNA of sperm in men over the age of 40. Vitamins C and E as well as folate and the mineral zinc were found to directly correspond to a 20 percent reduction in sperm DNA damage.QUIZ: What Foods Did You Eat Today for Beauty? Damage, as men age, may include reduced sperm quality, increased sperm DNA fragmentation, and increased frequencies of sperm carrying gene mutations according to the study. Researchers concluded that the findings provided a significant dietary habit that could help older men, more at risk for sperm DNA damage, improve their sperm!  As you read this, you may be wondering how you can help the man in your life! Simple—add foods into his diet that will help ensure the best sperm possible. Here are a few:Vitamin-C rich foods go well beyond the glass of orange juice in the morning. Why not pack your best man some hummus and red pepper sticks for a lunchtime snack? The red pepper is chock-full of vitamin C while the hummus (made with chickpeas, soybeans or even white beans) will add in some high value fiber, helping your guy stay fuller longer and thus, staying away from aging snacks.Folate is found in green leafy vegetables, legumes and fortified cereals.  For lunch, make the special guy in your life a yummy batch of lentils! In addition to being high in a nutrient that may help with sperm quality, Legumes happen to be a secret ingredient in the quest towards losing a few extra poundsA 2012 study in the Journal of Nutrition found that low-glycemic foods (those that are slowly digested, like lentils) helped to increase a hormone that assists in regulating metabolism of fat and sugar. In addition to this, low-glycemic foods were found to significantly reduce inflammation markers in obese adults.MORE: The Lowdown on the Glycemic IndexHow about a handful of almonds as an afternoon snack? High in vitamin E, a key nutrient in the sperm study, almonds have also been associated with helping to lower lousy LDL Cholesterol as well, which will help your guy to lower his risk of heart disease too.Finally, try a yummy batch of shrimp stir fry to help him get some zinc in his diet. Not only will it help make his sperm strong, but several studies have shown that zinc may help in keeping his prostate healthy as well.A beautiful man goes well beyond a beautiful face. Hopefully, these foods will help the man in your life become even more gorgeous to you than he already is!COLUMN: Prenatal Vitamins Boost Beauty by Dr. Oz & Dr. Roizen