Warm summer days call for cool treats. So it’s natural that ice cream and frozen yogurt are two of the first treats we think of when the temperatures rise. Though fro-yo is often considered a healthier option because it’s lower in fat and (usually) calories, it’s still a sugary dessert that should be enjoyed in moderation instead of as an everyday eat. (Or dinner.)

One of the biggest pitfalls of your beloved fro-yo? Those sweet toppings you pile on, pretty much burying any saving grace your snack had. Whether you choose ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, gelato, or non-dairy whatever-the-heck, what you put on top can be a deal-maker or breaker. These “skinny hacks” will help you choose wisely.

Start With a Plan

Scan the options and get an idea of what flavor and toppings you’re in the mood for before you place an order or grab a cup, start pulling handles and attacking the toppings bar. Regardless of whether you’re eating ice cream or frozen yogurt (whichever you’ll feel most satisfied with), choose the smallest serving size available. A good rule of thumb: Pick a small amount of one high-cal “treat” add-on and up to two healthier choices. Here are some good options for healthy frozen yogurt toppings:

1. Fruit: Berries, banana slices, and chunks of your favorite tropical fruits complement a wide variety of flavors and add a nice dose of fiber plus essential vitamins and minerals. Add up to a quarter-cup serving total and enjoy! A spoonful of shredded coconut adds a little extra texture and flavor and can dress up even the simplest concoction. [Click on to read more…]