Many people embarking on a new healthy eating plan wrongly assume that pizza has to be cut from the menu entirely. The cheese! The carbs! But I’ve got good news for you: pizza is can still be part of your diet if you make smarter choices by going for healthy pizza toppings. These seven healthy hacks can help you enjoy the old standby!

1. Just Add Veggies

Topping your pizza with veggies like broccoli, peppers, or spinach adds a lot of vitamins and minerals, plus filling fiber to help you feel satisfied with fewer slices. The different flavors and textures can up the enjoyment factor so each bite is a richer experience, making you less likely to inhale half the pie without realizing it.

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2. Pick One Meat

Sorry for any Meat Lovers aficionados, but the sausage, pepperoni, bacon, and the like add up pretty quickly.  Rather than shoving a mess of meat in your mouth, try picking the flavor you really want to stand out and pair it with another topping to balance it out. If sweet-and-salty is your thing, try prosciutto with caramelized onion and fig.  For a little crunch, how about pancetta and brussels sprouts? For a meaty taste without the meat, try mushrooms, which are rich in that savory umami flavor. They also happen to be low in calories but high in nutrients like vitamin D.