You can do so much more with a crisp cucumber besides just eating it with a salad. Packed with tons of vitamins and nutrients, you’d get nearly 10x the benefits if you were to add it to your water. It’s a great health hack that will do amazing things for the various systems in your body. The following 5 benefits are star reasons why you should turn up a cup of cucumber water daily.

  1. May Reduce Risk Of Cancer — When combined with an overall healthy lifestyle, cucumber water will supply your body with the proper antioxidants and compounds to fight off the free radicals that can contribute to cancer.
  2. Lowers Chances Of Chronic Diseases — To fight off diseases of the eyes, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes, drink cucumber water. The antioxidants will help to reduce stress on the cells and help prevent many age related conditions.
  3. Eliminate Toxic Build-Up — To ward off the toxic build up in our system, drink cucumber water. It’s a great source of detox, which will help the body to excrete toxins whenever we use the bathroom.
  4. Keep Moist Skin — Instead of laying the cucumber on your eyes, try ingesting it with water. Drinking cucumber water helps to keep your skin hydrated. It also provides the skin with silicon and vitamin B-5 that will keep your skin healthy.
  5. Provides Stronger Muscles — Though it won’t replace movement and exercise, cucumber water will help to keep your muscles from turning weak. Cucumbers provide an important nutrient called silicon.

You can enjoy it many ways. Mix it with lemon, mint, celery or strawberries.

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