6 Body Positive Fitness Accounts on Instagram to Follow

When it comes to fitness inspiration on Instagram, it's hard to tell what's the real deal and what's just a model being, well, skinny. We found six accounts to follow for body positive fitspo!

Image courtesy of Yoga Girl instagram.

We use social media for everything nowadays, from reading the news to finding a recipe for dinner to getting some fitness inspiration. Instagram is flooded with tons of these “fitspo” account, but it’s hard to tell what’s the real deal and what’s just a model being, well, skinny. These six body positive fitness accounts on Instagram will motivate you to sweat, tone,and tighten up — the healthy way. Have your Instagram ready to hit “follow” them as you read!


Image courtesy of instagram.com/massy.arias/

Massy “Mankofit” Arias is a LA based fitness trainer who was recently interviewed by Cosmopolitan.com for her amazing body positive Instagram account. “I worry that fitness gurus you see on social media are models with nice bodies who are giving out the wrong information. We’re making women feel insecure about themselves because they look at these women and wonder why their bodies don’t look that way,” Massy said. Focusing on health and empowerment, Massy makes sure to supply her fans with quick how-tos and simple lifestyle changes. With 1.7 million instagram followers, her account is hugely popular, and we can see why!


Image courtesy of instagram.com/ellefitactive/

Don’t confuse this page with Elle’s original instagram account, @elle_fit, which is mostly pictures of Elle herself.  The@ElleFitActive Instagram account is her second page, in which she accepts images from all of her fans to show off their fitness progress and goals. People of all different shapes and sizes are showcased, allowing us to see that anything is possible no matter who you are!

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Image courtesy of instagram.com/yoga_girl/

Handstands, world travel, and adorable dogs make this Aruban yogi a favorite go-to for a little extra zen-spiration. “Yoga Girl” Rachel Brathen keeps her account filled with quotes about accepting yourself and a focus on enjoying life and all its indulgences. For this photo, she wrote, “You are a powerful being of light. Don’t hold back. Get out there and make your dreams come true!” Inspiring, right?The gorgeous backdrop definitely doesn’t hurt either!


Image courtesy of instagram.com/fitqueenirene/

Focusing on flexibility and strength, this yogi challenges you to push your practice to whole new level. Her super bendy shots are almost always accompanied by encouraging words about overcoming challenges and staying optimistic. After suffering from multiple injuries, it’s amazing to see an athlete such as Irene stay positive through recovery.

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Image courtesy of instagram.com/shauna_harrison/

As a hip hop enthusiast and Under Armour Ambassador, this health and fitness devotee is a must-see for those of us who like to add some spunk to our workouts. An added bonus? Every month she posts workout ideas for easy, at-home imitation!


Image courtesy of instagram.com/kirstygodso/

Check out this Nike Master Trainer for hard-hitting workouts and head-turning apparel. Her number one motto is that there are no excuses for a missed workout, and her huge training classes around the world show her dedication to making us all more healthy.

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