The celebrity hairstyles this summer have been splashed with watercolor hues, streaked with vibrant shades, and segmented with refreshing snips and clips. It’s safe to say this season has left us with our heads spinning—even those of us gifted with the shortest attention spans.

But we have to admit, the whirlwind of My Little Pony strands and dramatic looks our favorite celebs have been playing with all summer have inspired some of us to join in the fun.

Here are our favorite styles from the summer of 2015. And if you’re late to the game, maybe you’ll find some inspiration for a new playful look to debut this fall?

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1Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks had a fierce transformation, shedding her long, flowy locks for this sassy, textured pixie.

2Blake Lively

Showing that her signature blonde doesn’t define her. Beauty? Check. Brains? Check. Bronde? Check.

3Britney Spears

This pop star princess may be a woman now, but her recent rainbow tresses reveal she’s still a girl at heart!

4Chrissy Tiegen

Could Chrissy’s lob be more on point? Light and breezy, just like the super model, herself!

5Jessica Alba

From girl-next-door to vixen; business woman to mommy; long, carefree locks to short, classy bob. Jessica, is there anything you can’t pull off?

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6Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

The Victoria’s Secret model snipped off her angelic glossy mane and has been having a blast with her new ‘do from silky, smooth finishes to edgy texturized waves!

7Olivia Culpo

The chic bob Olivia’s been donning truly reflects the sophistication and elegance of the young actress and former Miss USA.

8Taraji P. Henson

The star pulled off this purple hued gradient look effortlessly! We’re hoping she’ll keep “playing with colors” into the fall.

9Taraji P. Henson

Taraji also tapped into the 90s this summer with this bold, blonde crimped look finished off with a sick choker!

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10Hilary Duff

Hilary boldly dove into a blue-green sea with her mermaid locks this summer. “You know #YOLO and all that,” she captioned a cute instapic showing off the new look. You do you, Hilary!

11Julianne Hough

Celeb stylist Riawna Capri snapped a perfect sideview of Julianne’s My Little Pony hair! And isn’t she just the epitome of pretty-in-pink?

12Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan brought an icy blast to Coachella this year with her frosty blue-grey look.

13Khloé Kardashian

The laid-back Kardashian took bombshell to another level with her gorgeous honey locks.


Jessica Rabbit better give RiRi her money! The Barbadian singer’s locks were on fire this summer, returning to a flaming red mane.


Her locks may have simmered to a copper tone, but her voluminous natural curls at the Barbados Crop Over festival mirrored her wild, carefree spirit.

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16Kate Hudson

Kate bid farewell to her silky bohemian locks for this fresh, flirty lob! Love it!

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17Kylie Jenner

This summer could be labeled 50 Shades of Kylie. Our minds were blown by the quantity of transformations the reality star made this season! But with your own line of extensions to play with, would you really be able to resist?

18Kylie Jenner

The reality star starting making the world (or maybe just the celeb-obsessed) wonder, “Is there a color this girl can’t pull off??” The answer: Platinum blonde. Clearly, color was made for Kylie.

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Can this celestial being look more stunning? J Lo decided to lose her locks, exposing us to even more of her perfection!

20Rita Ora

The tatted-up singer took our breath away with the delicate pink flare she replaced her typical platinum strands with quite a few times this summer!

21Rita Ora

But she really blew our minds when she sported this gorgeous rainbow look on a night out in Hollywood earlier this month!

22Georgia May Jagger

Georgia took rainbow hair to a new level when she color-blasted her blonde locks with an array of neon tones!

23Kaley Cuoco

Pink + Pixie = Perfection

24Mindy Kaling

The anything-but-invisible starlet debuted her dreamy new cut with the caption “Short hair, DO CARE.” Lovin’ it, girl!

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25Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita showed off some sweet and sassy curls on her Instagram during her first trip to Disneyland.

26Lupita Nyong’o

But just when we were falling for those crazy fun curls, she switched things up with a super sleek braid!

27Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer showed us that your hair does not define you. You define your hair. Because “who needs hair when u serving face!

28Anna Kendrick

Our summer hit a high note when Anna debuted a pic of her new bangs looking perfectly on pitch!

29Dakota Johnson

The instagram newbie began her account with a revamped look, cleverly captioned “I decided to begin everything from the very beginning.”

30Kate Mara

Kate, your father may not be loving your new look, but we think you look stunning. Our vote: keeper!


Things got a little slimy with the glitter-obsessed singer this summer. But despite the Nickelodeon-esque shade, Ke$ha somehow continues to wow us with her talent for pulling off the wildest looks!

32Katherine Heigl

Holy platinum! The starlet showed off the dramatic new look for her upcoming movie role. Though the role is still a mystery, there’s no questioning this hot new look.

33Ariana Grande

Ariana kissed her flirty signature ombré ends buh-bye and has begun a little fling with a sleek, dark vixen vibe.

34Christina Aguilera

Although it was as short-lived as Back to Basics, Xtina’s Nashville role sent fans back to the days of Stripped when the bombshell revisited those super sultry espresso locks!

35Jhené Aiko

The gorgeous R&B singer took natural beauty to a whole new level when she set her natural locks free, revealing a head full of lush bouncy curls.

36Emilia Clarke

Emilia showed off her super cute ‘do at the Terminator Genisys premiere. Not only does it highlight her fabulous bone structure, but also enhances her soft, feminine features.

37Katie Holmes

Katie may have been playing mind games with us at the Met Gala, but we’re still hung up on how elegant she looked with that A-symmetric bob.

38Kendall Jenner

She had everyone wigging out when she posted this Sleeping Beauty pic on her Instagram. Kendall, if you ever do decide to lighten up your raven locks, we completely support it!

39Amanda Seyfried

The “Ted 2” star wowed us when she snipped off her flowing golden mane this summer. Turns out she has a heart of gold to match, as she revealed (through her dog, Finn) her new look was due to her donation to Locks for Love.

40Lucy Hale

Hale sizzled all summer with her warm honey-toned ombré and light, textured lob.

41Ellie Goulding

Ellie lit up her new platinum lob with a playful pop of color, allowing the bold pink streak to shine.

42Lily James

The Cinderella starlet turned heads when she jumped to the dark side this summer with a lush, chocolatey lob We think you may just have broken Prince Charming’s neck…

43Zoë Kravitz

Zoë refreshed her look—well, for a hot second—this summer, when she swapped her signature Rasta braids with a breezy bob for her role in “Divergent.”

44Lily Aldridge

The Victoria’s Secret model freshened up her long, beachy locks with a set of breezy bangs.

45Lily Collins

Holy Audrey Hepburn? The young starlet’s new pixie seriously amplifies her uncanny resemblance to the iconic silver screen star.

46Lily Collins

And poof! Like magic (or a great set of extensions), Lily’s got her length back. Can’t have your cake and eat it too? We beg to differ.

47Gigi Hadid

Gigi dabbled in all this summer’s color play by adding a few piecey sections of blue to her tips.

48Iggy Azalea

At the Billboard Music Awards, the gorgeous Aussie upgraded her look with vibrant pink ends, stating that she was “feeling very revamped.” Iggy, no matter what you do, your look is always on fleek.

49Katy Perry

Earlier this summer, Katy posted this stunning pixie cut, captioned, “Ask for the Kris Jenner,” proving there isn’t a look her angelic face can’t rock. And she seriously pulled off this wavy ‘do…no, like, literally. Gotta love those wigs!

50Katy Perry

Katy looks stunning with her new caramel hues, posting a pic of her new ombre locks, captioned, “Got dat hair flow back.” Seriously, Katy? When did it ever stop?

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